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The Xpect Racing chassis from Slack Karts is a state of the art winning chassis that is available in a "Sit up sprint" version as well as a "Champ" kart.

At Slack, we are committed to building the best chassis, designed for all racers whether they are experienced or just getting started.

From the adjustability designed into our chassis, to the use of the most advanced of components, parts and materials, every effort is made to build the finest chassis we can offer racers.

We offer a variety of chassis options as "standard" as well as a long list of "Upgrades" that can be added to allow our racers to create the perfect chassis for their individual track needs.

We invite you to take a close look at what a premium racing chassis looks like!

Xpect Racing Chassis Close up Gallery:
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Xpect Racing Chassis Details Gallery:
(Standard Components)
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Xpect Racing Chassis Details Gallery:
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Standard Features
Available in Black, Flat Black.
Flat Black Surreal Wheel.
Rear Bumper - Standard or Loop.
Steering Shaft - 22", 24" Long.
Lightweight & Adjustable Steering Hub.
Pro Series Rod End Kit.
Performance Motor Mount - 8, or 15.
Billet Aluminum Pedals
Adjustable Seat Struts & Front Seat Slides.
Performance "Pill Style" Adjustable Cassettes.
Toe Lock.
MCP Lightweight Brake System.
Precision Clamp on 4 Spoke Sprocket Hub
120 Link Chain.
Aluminum Rotor Guard.
Pro Ultrafree Wheel Hubs.
Tapered Wheel Studs w/Nuts.
Aluminum Spindle Nuts.
2 MinilLite Locking Collars.
Dzus Body Kit.
Front & Rear Bearing Shields.
RBI Small Rear Bearings.
32" Zinc Coated Axle.
Seat Bar Kit.
Black Anodized Billet Seat Strut bottoms.
Upgrade Options
Candy Blue or Candy Red.
Rear Ceramic Bearings (small bearings).
Front Ceramic Bearings.
MCP Mini-Lite Brake System.
Braided Brake Lines.
Braided Throttle Cable Liner.
Billet Brake Line Clamp.
Heel Stops For Billet Pedals.
Precision 4 Spoke Floating Sprocket Hub.
Precision Gear set 58-70
Aluminum or Plastic 3 qt Fuel Tank.
Plastic 3 qt Fuel Tank.
Chain Guide.
Carbon Fiber Sprocket Guards.
Black Aluminum Sprocket Guards.
Steering Fairing (smoked or clear).
Carbon Fiber Fairing.
Steering Fairing Bracket.
Catch Can.
Chavous Fiberglass Body. (white or black)
Chavous Seat.
(12) 1/2 inch hardened wheel nuts.
Ultralite Performance Mount 12 or 8 Degree






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