keister's karting products located in mifflinburg, pa sells in Axiom race chassis by Slack karts, burris tire cutting and prepping, tire rotisseries, tires boxes, kart stands and scale stands




Keister's Karting Products is located in Mifflinburg, PA. KKP Specializes in cut & prepped tires. KKP Kutz is our house tire.

All race tires are cut on a Jones Machine and prepped to any type race track. KKP is your local
Slack / Axiom dealer, Liquid Speed Tire Treatments. KKP designs and manufacturers our own line of scale stands, kart stands, tire rotisserie's, hot boxes, bead breakers, tire racks, tire washers & engine racks!

Contact KKP Today and see how we can help you with your local and national race programs.....from cut & prepped tires,
to bodies, Slack race chassis and custom race gear.




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Keister's Karting Products       570.490.8081       E-Mail KKP     10390 Buffalo Road   Mifflinburg, PA 17844